Your home is your most valued asset, and protecting its structural integrity can be the difference between a house that lasts you years to come and a house that’ll quickly wear and tear. When your plaster walls begin to crack or you’re worried about your overall structure, it’s time call Icon Plastering.

We are a team of solid plasterers specialising in house rendering as well as restoration and renovation. Our team will quickly assess your property, no matter the size, and offer you a quality service done quickly but effectively. We don’t cut corners on our work, so you can rest easy with your property in our hands. Whether it’s a beautiful home in Toorak or a city development in the city, our specialists are able to provide render repairs that’ll ensure your property is protected for longer.

Render repairs and restoration

At Icon Plastering, we ensure that each team member has passion for their work as well as being highly skilled and qualified. We demand exceptional service, from consultation to the finished service, and this is reflected in the team we hire. If you are looking for a fantastic team to handle your house’s rendering, plastering and repairs, speak to Icon Plastering today. Fill out a contact form online or give us a call for any urgent queries.